October 2020 Helpful Hints

‘Send for free’ ePrescriptions:

Receiving prescriptions direct to the landing page within RxOne from any prescriber operating indici (prescribing software) will now be known as RxOne Direct. This fast, direct service does not incur a fee for either party. Please note that there are charges for prescriptions sent via Healthlink from doctors operating My Practice, MedTech or indici (known as Secure Scripts). Please let your local doctors know.

Staff Groups:

Due to auditing requirements, and the evolving ePrescription landscape, it is important to allocate your staff into staff groups. This is a useful tool to allow or restrict access by staff to certain functionalities and information within RxOne.

You can add staff to staff groups in the Staff Utility (search ‘Modify Staff’ in the Home Screen search bar). You can check out our latest video on our YouTube page for more information on how to create staff groups, and allocate your staff into staff groups.

RxOne will utilise the staff group function for future functionalities including ‘Virtual Baskets’ for eprescriptions and normal prescriptions.

Heightened Staff Security:

In order to comply with the minimum security requirements set by the NZePS, staff security will need to be increased through the use of passwords when logging on to RxOne. Staff will be required to log on with passwords for security purposes, and the system will lock RxOne after a set period of time, at which the staff member needs to log in again. 

RxOne suggests the use of staff assigned barcodes, which speeds up the logon process, and reduces the requirement for staff to remember passwords. Barcode cards are available from Healthsoft.