Receiving prescriptions direct to the RxOne Dispense landing page from any prescriber operating indici (prescribing software) will now be known as RxOne Direct. This fast, direct service does not incur a fee for either party. 

There is a third tab in RxOne Dispense where prescriptions can come in via RxOne Direct from sites using indici OR prescription from Healthlink from sites using MyPractice currently (or MedTech). Prescribers using indici are encouraged to use “Send Direct and Email”.

RxOne Virtual Baskets will allow for the processing of all prescriptions including repeats, owes, held scripts, barcoded and non-barcoded scripts and paperless escripts. The system places the prescription in a virtual basket queue that tracks through the dispensing process. This functionality will continue to evolve through input from the testing sites and the Ministry of Health as we progress through the development of this new and exciting functionality.