RxOne is integrated with Storbie to help you manage your online business easily and effectively. Operating a virtual pharmacy is straightforward and there is no better time than now to take your pharmacy online!

  • Your customers/patients can order online and have products delivered to their door, keeping both staff and customers safe.
  • Your online shop is fully integrated with your stock on hand, and sales and customer delivery details are synced to RxOne. You can update your sales manually, or the sync is set to update every half an hour.
  • The set up done for you, and you will have access to thousands of product images and descriptions in the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network, so no need to take your own photos, or download single product images, or spend hours writing descriptions.

Setting up your online pharmacy is quick and painless. RxOne will require access to your computer and main web browser that is connected to your Storbie account.  Once the integration is complete you are ready to go, if you don’t already have an existing online shop.

If you do have an existing website, only one extra step is required. You will need to match your RxOne Stockcards with your existing online shop cards. This is can be done by you, using the functionality within RxOne, and is usually short and simple. Now you are all ready to fulfill your customer needs online!

Get in touch now, if you would like to move your pharmacy into the virtual world.