A. Setting up Connection with RxOne

Healthsoft will handle the setup of the integration once the store signs up.


B. Matching Stock-cards

RxOne has developed a system for matching stockcards that have been marked with the eCommerce flag. Once the products on the website have been loaded with descriptors, images and PLU codes, you are then ready to match stockcards in RxOne. To do this, access RxOne Tools, Utilities, Internet Utilities, Match website cards to RxOne cards.

The dialogue box below will show up and automatically match stockcards with the same PLU. Once you have checked that they are correct, select, ‘Save All Matched Cards’. If no card is suggested, double click the ‘Suggested LOTS Stockcard’ column corresponding to the item and select the correct stockcard.

Expect this to take about an 1 hour for the initial matching process, depending on the number of stockcards you have.

Internet PLU search

This process will also mark all matched stockcards with the e-Commerce flag. If you make a mistake, edit the stockcard and delete the “Internet PLU” Partcode on the stockcard.


C. Stock on Hand Updates

Stock on hand is updated automatically when you start up RxOne first thing in the morning or if a computer is left on, it will be updated at 3am. This checks for differences between the website and RxOne to reconcile them.


D. Importing Sales

Online transactions will be handled at the time of placing the order on the website either using credit or debit solutions. Our merchant services partners are Shopify and Storbie. If you have not got a merchant and would like to use their services, please contact us on [email protected].

Once an order is placed on the website, sales can be processed in RxOne. To Import Sales, access RxOne Tools/Utilities/Internet Utilities/Import Sales.

The screen below will appear allowing you to confirm that payment has been received. You will see the option to accept ‘Payment by Direct Credit’, ‘Charge to Account’ or not to process. If you select, ‘Not Process’, the info gets held within the website and next time you run the import it will send the sale details back again.

Connection screenshot

When sales are processed customer profiles from the website are created in RxOne if they do not exist yet in your database. The match happens using customer email and phone number. The delivery address is also recorded.

Where products on the website do not match stockcards within RxOne, the screen that allows you to match stockcards will come up before the sales processing screen, so for you to rectify this.

The Internet transactions can be identified from the main RxOne Sales screen by the descriptor ‘Internet Order ID’.

Connection 3 screenshot


E. Reporting

EOD reporting identifies internet sales.

You will get two EOD reports. One from your normal store and another from the e-Commerce site.