Setup Delivery Provider

From the RxOne Start Menu go to ‘Tools’ , ‘Utilities’ , ‘Other Utilities’, ‘RxOne Editor’. Double click into ‘DeliveryProvider’.

  1. Click ‘New’ to create a provider.
  2. Enter the Delivery Provider’s Name (e.g. NZPOST).
  3. Select ‘Active’ and select ‘Preferred.
  4. Select your preferred delivery provider.

    Delvery Provider screenshot

Setup Packaging Type

From the RxOne Start Menu go to ‘Tools’ , ‘Utilities’ , ‘Other Utilities’, ‘RxOne Editor’. Double click into ‘DeliveryPackaging’.

Select ‘New’ to create packing type and following:

  1. Maximum dimensions of each packaging type.
  2. Select the appropriate Delivery Provider and Packaging Type.
  3. Enter Provider’s code for the packaging type if you have them.
  4. Select ‘Delivery Provider’ e.g. NzPost.
  5. Enter ‘Additional Provider Code’ if you have them.
  6. Select your preferred packing type.

Delivery Packaging screenshot

Setup Delivery Status

From the RxOne Start Menu go to ‘Tools’ , ‘Utilities’ , ‘Other Utilities’, ‘RxOne Editor’. Double click into ‘DeliveryStatus. Create your own custom delivery status.

Delivery Status screenshot

POS Settings for Courier Delivery

From the ‘RxOne Point of Sales’ selecting ‘Always Enter Delivery Details’ will make the delivery screen come up after finishing each transaction. You may select this option for a dedicated delivery workstation. Alternatively select ‘Deliver Sale’ just before finishing the sale.

Point of sale courier delivery screenshot

Stock location screenshot

To bring up the delivery on a finished sale, highlight the transaction and select ‘ View or edit delivery sales’ from the ‘File’ menu.

view or edit delivery sales screenshot

How to handle additional delivery addresses

Additional delivery addresses can be specify in dispensary under ‘Extra Info’ tab.

Additional delivery addresses screenshot

Delivery Screen

Delivery screen

Person to deliver to: The default recipient will be the person you select in POS or the person who the script is dispensed for. If the person also has additional delivery addresses then the additional addresses will also show on the screen.

For each person the items are for: If the transaction comprise 3 different scripts for 3 different patients then using this option will automatically split the delivery into 3 different deliveries (you will see 3 different tabs) each with the patient’s own delivery information.

Another Person: Using this option allows you to select a recipient other than the patient or the purchaser themselves.

Delivery Instructions: Delivery instructions can be added for each delivery. They can be saved as default delivery instructions for the recipient for future deliveries.

Delivery Provider: Select the appropriate delivery provider for each delivery.

Delivery Package: Select the appropriate packaging and the measurements of the actual parcel.

Delivery weight screenshot

Create a new delivery for the selected item(s): In situation where you need to split the single parcel into multiple parcels (due to size limit) clicking this button will create a new delivery tab with the highlighted items for you.

Once the delivery screen has been saved the ‘Delivery’ column will display the delivery status on screen.

Delivery screenshot

Saving delivery into csv files: On the master computer, from RxOne Start Menu, go to ‘Tools’, ‘Options’, ‘POS Setting’ and under ‘NZ Post’, set ‘True’ for ‘Enabled’, select the file path you wish to save the delivery csv files under ‘Dir For Responses’ and ‘Dir For Requests’. This can be any folder in your local machine.

Please note RxOne will need to change the file path if your delivery is integrated with NZPost.