RxOne specialist pharmacy software was co-developed by pharmacists with a thorough understanding of the current and future practice issues affecting the New Zealand context. RxOne offers a sales and profit focus, intelligent stock management, simplicity of use, ease of integration and real time reporting. It utilisies a single, fully integrated database that allows for multi-functionality across dispensary and point-of-sale operations.

Business competition is stiff, with many new and existing entrants all wanting a slice of your pie. If you know where your sales, high margin products and dead stock areas are, you are well positioned to focus on high value trade (niche) and get ahead of competition.

RxOne offers choice and customisation across 4 applications:

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New Home Screen 2020
New Home Screen 2020

Being integrated with one database means one customer file that contains all dispensing and sales information, loyalty club data and debtor files. For example, access Mrs Smith’s file and at a glance, discover that she frequently purchases Panadol, was dispensed Warfarin last week, and has a loyalty voucher today too.

RxOne integrates with Xero, saving you more time and money. Experience RxOne for yourself, contact us today!

HealthSoft has been developing pharmacy software since 1984 and was the original developer of LOTS, QuickScript and Checkout. RxOne is the result of further development of its parent software and now provides market leading business system that allows you to concentrate on your job knowing your business is on track.

Ecommerce Integration

RxOne now integrates your pharmacy website on Storbie, Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce (for WordPress websites) eCommerce platforms. This means you can now process online sales, update stock on hand and track this activity with specific and relevant reporting. Online transactions can be set to automatically process sales from the website every 30 minutes. When sales are processed, customer profiles from the website are created in RxOne if they do not exist yet in your database. The customer delivery address is also recorded.


Courier Integration

RxOne has also developed a delivery integration so customer details are sent from RxOne to your nominated courier delivery provider without double handling of information or having to open multiple screens. Address details are sent directly from the RxOne system and tracking is available against the sale so your staff spend less time processing packages for delivery. An email with tracking information is automatically dispatched to the customer once the delivery processing is complete.

We currently integrate with NZ Couriers and NZ Post.

eCharting Integration

RxOne now integrates with 1Chart and Medimap e-charting platforms. These platforms makes it easy for rest homes, GPs and Pharmacists to connect and care for their patients, saving hours of processing time. No more faxes, phoned scripts or deferred payment claims. Best of all, this enables you to process medicines for an entire rest home in a single step.


  • REAL TIME eCharting.
  • Paperless system, therefore, no more chasing up faxes.
  • Pharmacist and prescriber notifications.
  • Cloud-based with off-line mode.
  • Better care as patients tell their story once.


  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Easy medication chart management
  • Medication Identification
  • Secure communication


Robot Integration

HealthSoft has developed and supplied a range of automation and robotic software for more than 5 years. We provide software for all Medico robots and were the first to develop software for the ALPACA and PROUD Medico Robots.

We also supply integration software for the JVM in New Zealand. Additionally, we have integrated software for Gollmann, ROWA and CONSIS robots currently employed in Australia but not yet deployed in New Zealand.

Medicine Information Integration

RxOne is integrated with both MIMs and the New Zealand Formulary (NZF). These integrations provide interactions checkers and access to medicine Consumer Information and Practitioner information in a more efficient and easy to use fashion.