RxOne integrated with medi-map

RxOne + Medi-Map collaboration brings together the best of eScripts and eCharting in a cloud based system. Medi-Map is the safe and convenient way to handle facility management. Resthomes, GPs and Pharmacists are connecting to care for patients using state of the art e-Charting and e-Scripts, saving hours of processing time. No more faxes, phoned scripts or deferred payment claims. Best of all, RxOne + Medi-Map enables you to process medicines for an entire rest home in a single step.

  • Automated script processing (saves you hours).
  • Instant feedback as GPs prescribe.
  • Improved patient safety for rest homes.
  • REAL TIME eCharting.
  • Paperless system, therefore, no more chasing up faxes.
  • Pharmacist and prescriber notifications.
  • Cloud-based with off-line mode.
  • Better care as patients tell their story once.


Medi-Map screenshot

Medi-Map medication chart screenshot

RxOne integrated with 1Chart

  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Easy medication chart management
  • Medication identification
  • Secure communication

1Chart unites all health professionals for better patient outcomes.